Select different demonic symbols to up your cornhole game. Rub the demonic glyphs to get the benefits, then aim and throw your bag. 


Hold LMB to fill glyphs.

Hold LMB to adjust power of throw, and release to throw. Mouse to aim. 

Below are some of my thoughts, mainly for my own documenting purposes so sorry if my statements are a bit vague and unsubstantiated. 

I made this prototype in 2-ish days, trying to explore procedural markings, arcane/hidden systems, and satanism. I think there is something aesthetically appealing about the cross-section of casual play (ie cornhole and arcade games) and traditionally taboo subjects (satanism).

With some more interesting hidden systems, I think this could be compelling. Right now hole-magnetism, number, and point value are controlled by the column and row of each glyph marking. Ideally, you would have more powerful & novel mechanics, balanced by a more technically interesting glyph drawing system.

In a macro structure sense. I think if you were to make this into more of a deck-building/rougelike game (as oversaturated as that market is) it would have more legs.

I could go into more detail on why these things are compelling, but I think if you look at cinco paus, it illustrates how arcane systems mixed with randomness lead to some of the most interesting play spaces. 

Updated 27 days ago
AuthorMorgan Aguilar
Made withUnity
Tags3D, cornhole, hell, movie, Retro, satan, Unity


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