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This is the demo for Relativity. Switch between perspectives to traverse levels in both 2D and 3D. 

Programming, 3D Animation and Modeling, Game Design: Morgan Aguilar

Menu Assets: Eve Perkins-Booker

Development Notes: I used making this game to teach me how to program and work in Unreal, as well as model, rig, and animate in Maya.

As previously mentioned, this was very much a learning experience, so there are some size and performance optimizations I neglected to make. There also may be the occasional bug, so please be patient. 

Note: Escape key closes the game. 

Made in UE4 programmed in C++, 3D assets made in Maya. 

Install instructions

Unzip and run application.  Titled "Relativity".


Relativity.zip 435 MB

Development log


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yo this is dank